Lowongan Kerja Motion Graphic Designer / Animator di PT. Renjana Membangun Nusantara - Semarang

PT. Renjana Membangun Nusantara are hiring :


Requirements : 
  • Strong desire to develop your skills as a motion graphic designer to create e-learning content 
  • Strong understanding of the principles of graphic communication, animation, and storytelling 
  • Great communication skills and must have ability to work in a team and independently to develop content and solve problems 
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and to manage time effectively 
  • Believes that discipline, structure and attention to detail is a critical to the creativity process 
  • Professionalism, maturity, and willingness to solve issues and speak up 
  • Required skills : proficient in any ​video animation software or motion graphic software (Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe illustrator / Corel Draw etc) 
  • Have 1+ years experience as animator or motion graphic designer 
  • Fresh Graduates (SMK, D3, D4 or S1) are welcomed to apply, apprenticeship programs available *you must have grit to be even considered, impress us with your portfolio and your desire* 
  • Your portfolio must show you have taste and sense of good visual communication 
Duties : 
  • Collaborating with the client and production team members to understand needs, review scripts, design storyboards, to create and edit animations 
  • Create e-learning content, motion graphics and animations using animation software 
  • Create assets if necessary and curate our asset library 
  • Using creativity and artistic techniques to enhance the cognitive learning process 
  • Help improve animation pipelines 
To apply, please email us your CV to ​:


If you do not apply you will not get the job,
if you apply you have a chance to make an impression on us.
Not trying means you have already failed. 

For more information about us and our work, find out more on : 
  • Website : ​http://renjana.id/
  • Instagram : renjananusantara 
  • Email : ​info@renjana.id
  • Contact Number (WA) : +6282-211-335-575 

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