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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2016

Job Vacancy at British Gardens - Semarang (Office Staff & Executive Assistant / Secretary)

British Gardens is a subsidiary of an American-run website furniture company, located in Semarang and looking for a Female leader who is energetic/fresh graduate with a desire to excel and push to fill the following position:
Some experience required, but education, character, and dedication will be most important.

  • Candidate should possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor Degree, any field. Students may apply.
  • Required skill(s): office application MS Office, internet application, simple accounting.
  • Have ability to multi-task several priorities and possess solid time management skill.
  • Required language(s): English, Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in SEMARANG.
  • Full-Time and Part-Time positions.
  • Recent Photograph.
  • Female, single. Our current office positions need to be single. We reluctantly have to request that all office personnel be unmarried. Our office environment and work schedule is not conducive to standard married life. Larger companies with standard procedures and job descriptions can easily accommodate standard schedules for married life. All office staff works directly with the owner – and we offer a super team environment that supports, teaches, challenges, and demands 100%. When you are married, your number one priority is your family – and we respect, encourage, and understand that. Our office positions require you to become one of our family members.
RECOMMENDED but not required:
  • We encourage all CVs to be organized and relay your professionalism. You might not have much on the CV as a fresh graduate, but if you submit a sub-par CV, we will immediately assume your performance is sub-par or average. You can send the junk CV to all the other companies, but don’t waste your time sending it to us.
  • We also recommend you to be located in or near Semarang or have some purpose in locating to Semarang. If you are located in Jakarta, please state why you are applying for a central java position.
  • Explain in your cover letter why you are different than all the others seeking employment. We get hundreds of applicants. We accept only the best and most devoted. So, although you have written hard-worker, loyal, etc. – it’s just words – and it is in everyone’s CV anyway! If you don’t know you are different and in the best 5% then it won’t last.
Job Compensation:
  • You will be paid a minimal salary with bonuses according to job performance, company performance, and dedication.
Note from the owner:

We have a select few positions open in our company. Let me be as clear as possible – we are unique! I hire only the best. Since we are a small office, I don’t have time or patience for incompetence, slackers, average, bad attitudes, or people with other agendas.

I am always looking for something unique about the applicant. It might be something in their cover letter, photo, or something on their CV. I trust my gut feeling when reviewing the CVs. The less you send, the less I get to see/read about you. And I’ve said this a million times, if you have a sloppy CV, I will reject it immediately. If you are not organized enough to send a clean and proper CV, then what do I expect from your employment - more sloppy work?

If you are a job-hopper and think money is the key to happiness, then I suggest you move to Jakarta and try one of the large oil or copper companies. I remember one of my friends who worked at Rio Tinto who was the smartest Indonesian I ever met and she was miserable there – playing the game of politics most of the time.

What I value most is initiative and the will not to accept defeat. Too often in Indonesia, I see people quit when the problem becomes difficult or facing a difficult situation. There is an old saying, “where there is a will, there is a way”. If you try hard enough, there will be some option available. And you only fail when you quit trying.

I consider the office staff an extension of me – that means I expect hard work, proper appearance, honesty, a good attitude, and dedication above all. Together, we make a team. And a team is not unlike a chain – when there is a weak link, the team suffers.

Notes about the COMPANY:
  • Our average office employee has been with the company 5 years.
  • I guarantee we are the hardest working office in Semarang.
  • All office staff reports directly to me – that reduces your political bullshit headaches in some larger multi-nationals or local companies.
  • You will have the opportunity to make a real career. The current jobs require single females, but if you learn our system and our culture, then later marry, no problem.
  • There is no "glass ceiling" here.
  • We are a website furniture company.
Send your CV and recent photograph to:



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